Stuart Ure


I am a self-starter, motivated by a desire for a more fulfilling career. Having worked in a number of sectors with little opportunity for personal development and continuous learning, the possibility of a career in tech, where I can be challenged, learn new skills and showcase my ability to deliver in a high pressure environment, aligns with my professional goals.

I proved my determination and adaptability when CodeClan went into liquidation when I was 5 weeks into my Software Development training. Within 24 hours of receiving the news, I started a crowdfunder with the aim of paying instructors to teach so that students could finish their bootcamps, and launched an awareness campaign which garnered a lot of support in the tech community. I took on a leadership role, working closely with the instructors and my peers to come up with a plan that would allow us to continue learning.

This experience demonstrated my ability to spring into action, thrive under pressure, and to persevere and stay both positive and practical. It also brought our cohort of students and instructors closer together and our shared vision kept us going.

I learned a lot during my time at CodeClan, completing projects in a number of languages such as Python, JavaScrip and Java, and frameworks such as Flask, React, React Native, Spring and SQL. My final project was an eco-focused campervan travel app which used React Native and Typescript for the frontend, this highlights my willingmness to learn and develop as these technologies were not taught during the curriculum.
While I by no means consider myself an expert in these areas, I have the right attitude, a dedication to personal and professional growth, and the commitment to continue to build on my skills and knowledge.

Over the last five years I have worked across the education, public, and private sectors, and encompassing student training and support coordination, event management and business development. I have developed a number of transferable skills which include strong communication skills, the ability to work effectively both in teams and independently, stakeholder management, problem solving, mentoring, and data analysis and reporting.

I look forward to bringing this cross-sector expertise in customer-centric delivery, stakeholder management and service improvement to this position along with my technical capabilities.

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