Lydia Cordell

Hi I'm Lydia. I'm an experienced technology professional looking for a return to a software engineering role after a management career in the entertainment industry in the US and the UK. I've updated my skills in Python, Java, SQL and Javascript by attending the very last CodeClan bootcamp in Edinburgh. I have a passion for backend engineering, working with data, metadata, databases and enjoy designing data structures. I also have strong business analysis skills and extensive experience developing innovative solutions to improve brand position and increase product sales. I'm accustomed to resolving complex problems while being detail oriented and customer focussed. I have extensive experience with the delivery of new and enterprise data migration projects in cross functional agile teams, working on in-house developed software, configuring software as a service (SaaS) as well as cloud and vendor products. I'm a strong communicator with flexible cross cultural working style, and the ability to legally work in the UK, EU and US. Passionate player of computer games in spare time.
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