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I am a former science educator and biomedical laboratory researcher with a Bachelor ofScience degree in Biology, transitioning into a career in tech. I have been largely self-taught in software development, but have also taken several university courses in computer science and am a graduate of CodeBase/CodeClan's Professional Software Development Program. I have experience in Vue.js, React TypeScript, Node.js, Java Spring Boot, Python, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, PHP, C++, and Arm 64 Assembly. I am also interested in C# and .NET.

My wife and I recently moved to Scotland in January of 2023 because she works as a Software Engineer in Edinburgh working remotely. I thus have the right to work in the UK for the next three years under a Dependent Partner Visa. We plan to renew that visa when it is due to expire. We are American citizens who have made Scotland our home.

Elaborating further, I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, with a Minor in Chemistry. I have experience working in oncology research laboratories and in teaching science. I gained relevant experience in PHP and MySQL while an unpaid intern at Odd Hill in Sweden. I have taken several university courses in Python, C++, Arm 64 Assembly Language, Discrete Mathematics, Computer Organization and Architecture, and Data Structures and Algorithms. I am also a graduate of the CodeClan Professional Software Developer Program where I further developed my skills in React TypeScript, Node.js, Java Spring Boot, and Python. I have excellent analytical, written, and oral communication skills gained through my time as an educator and researcher.

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