Daniel Carey

Hello! I'm Danny. I'm a career changer, based in Glasgow, retraining as a software developer through CodeClan’s 16-Week Professional Software Development course. Before joining CodeClan, I spent a number of years working in Customer Services helping people with their day-to-day banking needs. I also spent some time working as a laborer in both Norway and Shetland. Having previously completed an HND in Web Development I decided to join CodeClan to build further on the knowledge I had already gained. Throughout the course, I was introduced to languages and technologies that I was mostly unfamiliar with, however I was able to become proficient quickly thanks to my determination to learn and overcome challenges. My background has been heavily focused on working in teams, dealing directly with colleagues, clients and customers to get the best possible outcome in each situation. My previous experience combined with my drive and determination to succeed should see me as a valuable contributor on any project.
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